Sandra Dunn, PhD (WellBelly, has partnered with Peter Muran, MD Longevity Healthcare) to offer the Bredesen Protocol serving both Southern and Central Coast, California.

The Bredesen Protocol is the perfect marriage of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s 30 years of research in Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline coupled with the collective 45 years of clinical experiences of Doctors Dunn and Muran in applying the principles of Functional Medicine.

The Bredesen Protocol was developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen researcher and author of the  best-seller, “The End of Alzheimer’s, The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”, The resulting protocol, RECODE, is a personalized program that addresses the multiple causes of cognitive decline.   

Through advanced evaluation and testing, key lifestyle changes and an individuated program for each patient the Bredesen Protocol has returned many people to pre-diagnosis levels of cognition.  This therapeutic program is the first program to reverse cognitive decline.

Your personalized Bredesen Protocol program is implemented by Doctors Dunn and Muran to provide you with the highest level of support for cognitive health improvement.  This 6-month program optimizes key lifestyle factors, including sleep, exercise and a ketogenic diet for brain health.

If it is important to you to prevent or reverse cognitive decline, the Bredesen Protocol may be a perfect fit to maintain your quality of life.  

View a detailed description of the Bredesen Protocol offered by the Dr. Dunn and Dr. Muran collaboration.  Details Here

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