Step Four – Balance your Ecology 

Science is just beginning to understand the importance of the healthy microbe ecosystem that lives with our GI tract. In 2008, the NIH launched an initiative to identify and characterize the microorganisms found in association with healthy and diseased humans.

Although this project is not, yet, complete, we do know that the human microbiome is made up of 100 trillion organisms (ten times more that the cells that make up the human body); 101 microbial species and accounts for 2-3 pounds of body weight.

Bacteria high resolution 3d renderWe begin life with an intestinal flora (microbiome) created before birth and is altered, for better or worse, by a nutrient diet, medication and hygiene.

We, also, know that actively cultivating our own microbial garden contributes to our ability to produce and absorb essential nutrients; avoid disease and create health throughout all the body’s systems.

In Step Four we create the ideal environment to foster the restoration of your healthy microbiome.


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