Zinc…More May Not Be Good To Manage Your Cold

It is important to read the labels of all natural cold remedies to know how much zinc you are taking to manage your cold (use the information below on zinc for best results and avoid damaging the balance of micro-organisms in your gut).

Zinc is one of 24 micronutrients essential for survival.  It is found in meat, egg and legumes.  Oysters are particularly high in zinc.  The benefits of zinc include:  optimal function of the enzyme, hormone and immune systems; a potent antioxidant; testosterone booster; treatment of acne; and an anti-microbal effect similar to an antibiotic.

Like many nutrients, some is good, too much may be harmful.  High doses of zinc can can change the gut microbiome and even make the gut susceptible to infections such as Clostridium difficile or C. Diff.

Which brings us to how high much is too much?

The most frequently recommended dosage of elemental zinc is in two to three small doses equaling a total of 50 mg. per day.

However, different forms of zinc result in varying doses as follows:

50mg elemental zinc in the form of zinc citrate, equals146 mg zinc citrate.

50mg elemental zinc in the form of zinc sulfate, equals 220 mg zinc sulfate.

50mg elemental zinc in the form of zinc gluconate, equals 385 mg zinc gluconate.

50mg elemental zinc in the form of zinc monomethione, equals 238 mg zinc monomethionine.

Dr. Sandy’s Cold & Healthy Gut Remedy*:

  • L-lysine, 2000mg. twice daily to discourage virus replication
  • Vitamin D-3, 5000mg. twice daily to activate immune activity
    • (D-3 5000, 1 cap AM & PM)
  • Vitamin C 1-2000 mg. as tolerated, twice daily to boost the immune system
    • (Bio C 1:1, 2 caps AM & PM)
  • Saccharomycin boulardii, 500mg., daily, to prepare the gut lining to house healthy bacteria
    • (Saccharomycin DF 1 daily)
  • Probiotics to restore health bacteria
    • (ProbioMax DF, 1 cap daily)
  • 50 mg. of elemental zinc, an antimicrobial similar to an antibiotics.
    • (Zinc Glycinate, 1 cap AM & PM)

*High-quality, bio-available recommended brand and dosage is in bold and available through the Xymogen e-store.  Good quality L-Lysine can be purchased at your health-food store.

Enjoy your holidays cold-free:  identify the form of zinc in your remedy and take the appropriate amount to maintain a healthy gut.