“It takes a well belly to experience the vitality of a well body”

Sandy Dunn, PhD, Board Certified in holistic nutrition, is passionate about helping others achieve their best health.

Regardless of your health concern, it all starts with a healthy digestive system to achieve your best health.

Notes from her Clients:
I had intense stomach pain and facial swelling. I went to several doctors that could not figure out what was causing my pain and swelling. I met with Sandy and she told me that certain foods were causing the problems. I quickly eliminated the foods from my diet as well as started taking certain supplements. In less than a week, I was pain free!! Thank you Sandy for all of your help!!” April H.
My 3 year old son was having digestive issues and showing aggressive behavior at Preschool. He met with Sandy and she told us certain foods were aggravating his system. Sandy was extremely kind and patient with my son. After removing certain foods and rotating other foods, my son’s digestive issues went away!! He also stopped his aggressive behavior at preschool and over all was more calm.  Yeah!!”  Anthony V.


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