Healthy eating does not mean denying yourself some of your favorite treats.  These recipes may introduce you to some new ingredients that can be used as substitutes for the less healthy items in some of your favorite recipes.  Enjoy and cook to take charge of your health.

Chocolate Shake:  Valentine Breakfast

Dark Chocolate Cake:  Dark Chocolate Cake


Paleo Chocolate Cake:  Chocolate, Gluten, Diary Free


A Better Thanksgiving Tradition:Pumpkin Pie

istock_000008456603xsmallHoliday Biscotti:Holiday-Biscotti

istock_000018287343xsmallPumpkin Breakfast Muffins: Pumpkin-Spice-Muffins


Night Cap: Night Cap


browniesScrumptious BrowniesBlack Bean Brownies

istock_000019534784smallGreen Clean Your Oven: How to Clean Your  Oven

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