CBD for Health

Recently available research reports the use of plant-derived cannabinoids (CBDs) supplementation can regulate health by supporting homeostasis.

Homeostasis, natural balance, is required by all cells to maintain health.  In the last thirty years, science has identified the endo-cannabinoid (eCS) system as the body’s universal regulator for homeostasis.

The eCS is a naturally occurring interaction in the body to target homeostasis at the cellular level.  Balance prevents disease and modulates optimal function of the brain, central nervous system, endocrine and immune systems.

Benefits of CBD

The stresses and exposures of contemporary life can create a burden greater than the natural eCS can handle.

Existing imbalances of disease conditions such as cognitive decline, mood disorders, adrenal fatigue, PSTD, motor dysfunction, chronic pain, arthritis, asthma, allergies, auto-immune and irritable bowel syndrome can be modulated by a well functioning endo-cannabinoid system.

Implementing CBD

CBD products are everywhere.  The challenge to benefit from the use of CBD products is how to discern which products are the best; which are best for your health concerns and how to best use them. 

Dr. Sandy is certified in the medicinal use of CBD.  She consults with you to identify the highest quality CBD product; matched to your health concern and  how to integrate plant-derived CBDs into your personal health regimen.

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