In 1998 Peter Eriksson revolutionized the scientific world when he discovered that the brain retains the potential for self renewal throughout life.  His discovery has become known as brain plasticity leading the way to our understanding of the dynamic possibilities of brain function.

Aging is inevitable but what nags baby boomers is when does “normal” aging become signs of impending Alzheimers?

Are misplaced keys, difficulty recalling a name or opening the refrigerator and forgetting why signs of aging or a developing cognitive problem?  Oh, gosh, knowing can be scary, do we really want to know?

The answer is “YES, Yes, Yes” we want to know because the emerging and exciting research tells us that we can prevent and recover from early cognitive decline.

Research and clinical experience of brain plasticity confirms that the brain health can be assessed, root causes of  problems identified and personalized treatment can be developed to reverse cognitive decline.

Better yet, with this new understanding of the root causes we can prevent decline before it occurs.

Baby-boomers are on the crest of an epidemic of Alzheimers disease (AD).  In 2012 AD was the third leading cause of death for those over 50.  By 2050, 160,000,00 will be diagnosed with AD.  Women will be particularly impacted:  women will represent 65% of those with AD  and women will be 60% of the caregivers to AD patients.

Step One – Know Yourself:

Early detection is the key.  Several quick tests are available at, and to distinguish  a normal progression of an aging brain from a brain that can benefit from intervention.

Step Two – Know How

In this edition and up-coming months of the WellBelly newsletter and on the WellBelly Facebook page, we will learn about the root causes of cognitive decline and details on how to prevent and reverse existing problems.

Join me on this journey to experience your best potential no matter your age.

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