New research shows that children who have developed a diverse micro biome are resistant to developing asthma, food allergies, eczema and other immune-related conditions.

Children acquire their micro biome at birth, optimally as they travel down the birth-canal and drink breast milk.  No mater the circumstances of birth, however, a healthy micro biome can be developed at any stage of life.  Here are six ways:

  1. Plan meals with lots of fiber and vegetables.  Picky eaters?  Disguise vegetable in a fruit smoothie.
  2. Use antibiotics only when necessary.  Explore herbs and homeopathic alternatives to treat colds and flu. These natural remedies can be powerful and shorten the duration of symptoms.
  3. Get a dog.  This one will make you a hero in your house.  Contact with dogs increases a child’s friendly-bacteria diversity.
  4. 4 Encourage outdoor play.  Again, increased exposure to diverse bacterias.
  5. Wash hands with plain soap and water, not antibacterial.  Antibacterial soap destroys the natural micro biome that lives on the skin and often contain unwanted chemicals.
  6. Don’t fear dirt.  But still wash produce before eating.


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